Gemology and Its significance in Indian Astrology


those colorful, luminous and precious gem stones had been a point of attraction for all women and men because the historic time. terrible or wealthy, king or slave anybody has felt the enthralling energy of these stunning sparkling stones. gems are referred to as a symbol of popularity and are thought to be good fortune bringers.

Indian Astrology and Gemology has plenty of texts that describe how gems may be used to nullify the malefic have an effect on of planets. Siem Reap souvenir shop Indian Gemology courses one to make accurate selection of gem stones which can carry right good fortune, harmony and peace to life. Indian Astrology diagnoses the hassle and Indian Gemology healing procedures it with the aid of doing away with abnormal have an effect on of planets, however incorrect choice can carry contrary effects.

wearing gem stones through Moon signal or Naam Rashi is a wrong exercise. it’s miles recommended to all that before carrying any gem stone one have to consult a sensible and experienced astrologer who has know-how of gemology additionally due to the fact the bottom of selection of gem stones is horoscope.

First, 5th and ninth homes of horoscope are taken into consideration to be very auspicious in Indian Astrology. carrying gemstones of the lord of first, fifth and 9th houses will always provide favorable effects. After deciding on accurate gemstone it should be checked for impurities i.e. red spot, black spot, white spot, cracks etc. due to the fact those impurities will deliver terrible consequences even supposing the selection of gemstone is correct on the basis of horoscope.

To obtain higher effects from gem stones, they want to be purified and energized. each gemstones represents to a planet so it should be energized with the mantras of its corresponding planet.